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400 Broadway Ave S Rochester MN 55904

The Riverside property was purchased by us in 2013.  We started this because we love old buildings and making them relevant again.  The Riverside building was built in 1919 and had many businesses over the years.  We wanted to bring new companies to the community.  This only helps grow our city and provides diverse opportunities.  Our first venture was with Limb Lab.  A company that makes new and innovative prosthetics.  We then worked with Cambria and they transformed their space with their quartz surfaces.  We also worked with Winona State University and they teach Master programs in our space. 

It has been amazing to work with these companies and watch the transformation of the space into a spectacular relevant space.



Family owned, responsibly sourced and American made quartz products for interior decoration and design.

Downtown Detail

Dimitri and Brady automotive detailing shop.

Keller Tattoo

Beautiful custom tattoos by James Keller. 

Rochester Framing

Practicing the art of quality framing for the Rochester area. 

Limb Lab

Committed to improving function, health and quality of life, Limb Lab carries out their mission with offices in the Riverside Building downtown Rochester.

Realty Growth

Professional commercial real estate company with nearly 40 years of experience. Providing rentals, sales, property management and guidance.

Winona State

Rochester office for Winona State University.

Kimball G. Orwoll, Attorney at Law

Family law attorney in Rochester, Minnesota