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This area of small businesses started to come together in 2014 when we acquired a what was once a body shop. The investment was made with a vision for what the area could become. In other communities we had seen several buildings converted to new uses. We felt the small shop had untapped potential, and it was just a matter of time before we would find the correct business to help grow into this location and call it home.


Shortly after, we decided to invest in the long vacant Culligan building. Seeing potential in the neighboring building we felt it was only a matter of time before a new business would bring it back to life. Then, with a matter of luck and timing we also secured the former Paws and Claws property.


Immediately we went to work to find businesses for these buildings. This journey has led us to working with motivated individuals and Vivifying their ideas and these spaces.

good dog camp corner.jpg

Fox & Fern

602 7th Street NW Rochester MN

Focused and unique event styling and design offering the freshest floral arrangements.

Good Dog Camp

608 7th Street NW Rochester MN

Annalissa Johnson's one-of-a-kind, experience for dog lovers and their companions. All ages and breeds are welcome to train, or stay and play with friendly, professional staff that will take care of your dog in a comfortable and fun environment.

Garden Party Books

602 7th St NW Rochester, MN

More than a used book store, Garden Party Books provides a community space to celebrate the joy of reading, and the learning and collaboration that naturally follows. 

Pop's Art Theater

619 6th Ave NW Rochester, MN

Pop's Art Theater is an independent movie theater focused on curated series of classic films alongside brand new art-house and indie films.

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