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Vivify Founders

Bucky Beeman

Vivify Business Collective | Realty Growth Incorporated

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Growing up alongside his family’s local Rochester, Minnesota restaurant, Bucky Beeman has seen first hand the positive impact that a small business can have on its owners and the community. Through his career in real estate, Bucky has been able to share that experience by helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to life and find the perfect space for their business to flourish. Bucky’s true passion for helping small businesses grow and their communities strengthen is what sets him apart from others in his industry.

Tasos Psomas

Vivify Business Collective | Hollandberry Pannekoeken

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Tasos Psomas is a Rochester small business owner who knows the hard work and perseverance that goes into growing a successful business. It started out with helping his father maintain apartment buildings as a teenager, an experience which led to commercial property ownership, and set the foundation for where he is today. Now, Tasos works with others to help them take action on their dreams and big ideas. His immigrant drive pushes him each day to continue to strive for progress, and that same spirit inspires those he works with to do the same.

Have an Idea you want to make a reality?
Meet these business owners who took the first step to do just that!

Queen City Center
Cook Park People

Paige Jahnke

Janky Gear | Queen City Center


When asked what inspired Paige to start a small business she tells us her story of her work on ships, sailing all over the world working on engines. With all the travel she had the chance to pursue many of the outdoor activities she loves. When covid hit and shut everything down her goals shifted. Paige says, 'Being so far from home at a scary time really put my concept of community into perspective. I started to write a business plan for a consignment gear shop in Rochester. My goal was to be home in my community when everything reopened."


Paige understands that it’s not cheap to have outdoor hobbies. 'I believe that everyone should have access to affordable gear to get out and do what they love. I also believe that things don’t need to be new and flashy…it’s ok if it’s a little janky." 

While running Janky Gear Paige encounters challenges and rewards everyday, she is happy to be in her home town of Rochester being her own boss and building a great team who believes in the mission of keeping well loved gear in the wild.

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Sam Robinson & Aili Sella

The Fit Loon | Queen City Center


Packing their bags and starting their own adventure in Rochester, Sam and Aili run the successful small business, The Fit Loon. Health and wellness are some of their passions and they have turned that into a business pursuit.

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Anna Smith

Garden Party Books | Cooke Park Design District


Anna has went on to open her own book store. With a love of books and the literary community Anna's vision has expanded to now include the Zumbrota Literary Society.

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Dimitri Psomas 

Downtown Detail | Riverside Buildings


Being automotive enthusiasts, it was only natural for Dimitri to open Downtown Detail. With several years of experience in the field, Brady came to Dimitri with the idea to start a business in Rochester detailing cars. Both thought there was a need for a reliable and high-quality detailing service. Together they set out to find a building and started the business in 2021. Since then they have worked to build a reliable reputation to grow their business. 

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James Keller

Keller Tattoo | Riverside Building


I am James Keller.

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Brandon Sampson

Limb Lab | Riverside Building


Brandon is the founder and licensed/certified prosthetist: I started in the prothetic business immediately following college as a technician making limbs, became a board certified practicer and then public speaker and educator, and now living my own dream of owning a business. I come from a long line of farmers and entrepreneurs, and am so excited to follow in their footsteps to be the master of my own destiny. My hope is that when you come to Limb Lab, you feel important and valuable that no matter the challenges that you are facing, you feel confident in the practitioner that works with you, and optimistic, and even inspired about your journey. 

    Marty Frana

    Limb Lab | Riverside Building


    Marty is the cofounder and CEO of Limb Lab: After years of working in business management, I found the prosthetic and orthotic profession accidentally, but quickly realized its where I’m meant to be. Sharing my leadership skills to help impact people’s lives for the better. I know the work I do behind the scenes ensures the best experience possible and creates the greatest outcome and value to those we serve. 

      Jessica Curry

      Interiors by J. Curry | Queen City Center


      Owner and Principal Designer here at Interiors by J.Curry LLC. I have a degree in Interior Design. I am a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the National Association of Home Builders. I am a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer with 20+ years of experience in the field of interiors and custom cabinetry design. I pride myself on being a designer who will not only use my creativity and knowledge of cutting-edge products and materials to create a beautiful space, but also with first hand experience of how to realistically deal with construction elements of each interior; and whether or not the designs that are planned can actually be executed. I work closely with qualified experts in the field to help with the start-to-finish challenges in your project; whether it be new construction or a renovation/addition. I have a passion for what I do, and as most of my references will tell you, will not give up on an idea or concept a client may have until we can figure out how to make it happen together. I'm always excited to see what type of project I will see next and how I can help a potential client meet their design needs.

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      James Aakre

      The Machine Shed | Queen City Center


      We are your local arcade full of classic arcade games. We buy and trade more video games than anyone else in town. Stop in to see our large showroom of classic and newer video games. Bring in your console systems and video game controllers for repair.

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      Nate and Maggie Nelson

      Pop's Art Theater


      Pop's Art Theater is an independent movie theater focused on curated series of classic films alongside brand new art-house and indie films.

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      Annlissa Johnson 

      Good Dog Camp


       Our process incorporates mutual trust and rewards for good behavior that will help to foster a positive relationship between you and your dog.

      No matter your dog's age or history, successful training is always possible and is always a great idea! If you need help with house training or leash training a puppy in Rochester, MN, Good Dog Camp has got you covered.

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      Medardo & Jorge Arcos

      Los Arcos


      Medardo and Jorge are originally from Mexico. They had a passion to cook and provide good food to the community and in moving to the states found themselves working with relatives in restaurants. This eventually lead them to want to open a place of there own. They started in Red Wing with Rancho Loco that is still open to this day. The desire to continually wanting them to grow lead to the brothers deciding they should pursue Rochester as a possible site. The property they landed on was the South Los Arcos that had been once a Grand Rounds. By  teaming up with Vivify the brothers were able to secure the building with the option to purchase. This went so well that they decided to open a North store and the rest is history. 

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      Colton Bjornson 

      Tier 1 Clicks 


      We Help HVAC Owners Book Consistent Installs Straight To Their Schedule.

      We have built a system to get you more residential installs allowing you to earn more money from your business and in turn grow the way you want. At the end of the day increasing your ability to help people will be a win-win

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      Nick Pompeian 

      RGI | Riverside Building


      Nick is a commercial real estate broker, developer and owner of Realty Growth Incorporated in Rochester, Minnesota and lifelong resident of Rochester.

      After graduating from St. Olaf College, Nick returned to Rochester to help his father, Ed Pompeian, in the real estate and development business. In 2013 Nick and his partner purchased Realty Growth Incorporated from his father, who was the original founder of the company. Having grown up and been exposed to the ins and outs of the business, this was the perfect fit! 

        Gary Pundt

        Guide Point Pharmacy | Queen City Center


        Gary W. Pundt has been the pharmacist co-owner/manager at the Rochester location since July 2001. His pharmacy licensure began in 1988 after graduating from NDSU College of Pharmacy and his experience includes research and hospital in addition to community retail settings. Holding training certificates for immunizations and fitting diabetic footwear since 2008 he has served hundreds of patients with those special needs. His team of relief pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and delivery personnel are the best in the area. And when you call GuidePoint Pharmacy, unlike some businesses we personally answer the phone the old fashioned way.

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        Fox & Fern Floral 


        Fox & Fern Floral is an event based studio in Rochester, MN that takes a limited number of events per year to give each client a focused and unique experience dedicated to personalization. We pride ourselves in offering the freshest floral creations and provide our clients with an inspired design.

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        Riverside People
        Los Arcos

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